8th International Medical & Spa travel workshop | November,16 2017 | Tel.: +7 (495) 645 0422


8th International Medical & Spa travel Workshop  will take place in Moscow

Exhibitors packages from € 950

About workshop

8th International Medical & Spa Travel Workshop MedANTOR will take place in Moscow, 16th November 2017 at The Ritz-Carlton, Moscow.

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MedANTOR is the largest event in its field and the purpose is to promote medical and wellness services abroad among travel agencies in Russia.


MedANTOR 2017

The event focuses on the development of medical and health tourism on the Russian market, on attracting travel agencies to this type of tourism, on support and development of tourism opportunities for people with different indications and diagnoses, and also on stimulation of social attention to the matter of medical and health tourism.