Package of the participant costs € 950 and includes:

– Fully equipped working place (for 2 representatives of the company)
– Placing the information about your company in a printed catalogue of the Workshop that will be distributed among all the guests at the event.

* The participants of the previous MedANTOR Workshops and ANTOR memebers may take the advantage of special participation fee of € 850.
** Conditions of the participation of rehabilitation centers are to be discussed individually.

In addition you are offered to make a presentation during the Workshop and place the advertisment in the catalogue.


Duration of the presentation is 20 minutes
Price – € 250

The presentations will take place at the hall specially equipped with all the presentation facilities (the participants are reqiured to provide the presentation on the USB memory stick to the orginizers).

NB. Available time slots for the presentation are indicated in the registration form of the participant

Advertising options in the catalogue of the Workshop:

– Full page inside the catalogue – € 300
– 2nd cover – € 400
– 3rd cover- € 400
– Last cover – € 500

We are also glad to offer you a budget option without personal participation in MedANTOR 2019

Price – € 300 includes:
– placing the information in the catalogue of the workshop
– providing a database of all the guests of the workshop
– opportunity of distributing the printed materials from the general information desk at the event

If you have decided to participate in MedANTOR 2019, please, fill the application form of the participant and send it to

After the application is received by the orginizers the invoice for the chosen options will be issued and send back to the applicant.