Import of the materials for the event:

If you have a small amount of materials ( bag or suitcase) and you are planning to bring it on the day of the event through the main entrance, please be sure that everything is packed in bags (not boxes).

Information materials can be brought:

-On Wednsday, 13/11 at any time convenient for you;

-Directly to the event, on Thursday, 14/11 till 9:30

Please note that the import of the materials is made through the service entrance that is situated to the right of the main entrance behind the barrier. If you drive from Tverskaya Street to Red Square, the turn is behind Ermolova Theatre.

The materials must be carried to the first floor to the hall “Balniy”. Please, don’t forget to close well, pack and sign boxes if you bring them the other day.

Contact person in the hotel – Vasiliy Lapkin, tel.: +7 (495) 225 8888, +7 (905) 592 55 73 or banquet manager on duty.

Decoration of the working place:

On your table there will be a sign with the name of the company and the number of the table.

Please, note that roll-ups and other types of advertising banners are forbidden on the event. Nevertheless, you may keep some promo-materials ( maximum size A3) on your working table.

Hanging posters on the walls is not permitted by the administration of the hotel.

The working place is a table with 2 chairs for the participants and 2 chairs for the visitors.

Entry at the event and badges of the participants:

At the registration desk inform that you are the participant and follow to your working place.

Badges, the scheme of the hall and the program of the event will be on your table.

Number of visitors:

We expect about 200 visitors. Please, note that not all the guests will be able to visit your table. According to this you will need less materials.

Availability of the socket next to the table of participants:

The hall is full of sockets. For extensions please contact the registration.

Internet use:

There is a free access to Wi-Fi in the hotel. The name of the network is Beeline_Ritz_Public.

Please, remember that we provide a projector, a laptop, a screen and a microphone. Your presentation must be held on the flash-card.